Tight Buffer Fiber Cable

Precision Fiber Product's Tight Buffered fiber is designed to strip easily and consistently to the 250um acrylate coating, yet hold the fiber firmly enough to provide the necessary support. Available in all standard 1-12 industry standard colors.

Choose your fiber specifications and order in less than 5 minutes. Buy in bulk and save.

Step 1: Choose your Fiber Type: SMF-28E or SMF-28EXB

Step 2: Choose your Fiber Color: Blue, Black, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Rose, Slate, Violet, White, Yellow or Aqua

Step 3: Choose your Spool size: 100, 500 or 1000 meters.

For more information on our Corning core, you may download the applicable spec sheets:

Corning © SMF-28e+

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